EnviroGuard acquires Acran™ Spill Containment

Prior to the 1980’s, all wet cell racks were supplied by the battery manufacturer with the battery. Most racks were considered to be non-seismic or seismic (shock) and the rack was simply a necessary add-on for the battery manufacturer. The rack was not a significant element in marketing the battery. The wet cell lead acid battery and associated rack comprised most of the battery market.

During the 1980’s, ACRAN, Inc. became the first independent supplier of racks to the entire battery industry. In 1985, the first battery spill containment system was designed and then the Neutra-Mat was developed in 1987. At the same time, the awareness for seismic racks in accordance with the Uniform Building Code significantly increased the demand for higher-cost seismic racks.

Early in the 1990’s, innovation in the battery rack market began with ACRAN’s introduction of the "Total Spill Control System" consisting of a Steel Barrier, a Neutra-Mat and a Protective Floor Coating packaged with the rack as a complete system. In the 1991 October issue of EC&M, Bob Robbins, the founder of ACRAN, brought to the forefront of the battery rack market, the proper sizing of battery racks in seismic-prone areas. Later that year, Battery Room and Safety Accessories Performance Specification (BRASAPS) was developed and became a guideline for professional organizations and local authorities.

In 1995 ACRAN introduced the 8000 Series Battery Rack, which has seismic selection categories that are based on the battery type, the application, all six seismic zones, the building classification and the floor level of the battery room. Most rack suppliers limit their offering to only three zone choices and assume the worst-case scenario for all other criteria. The ACRAN rack also comes with anchor bolts that are certified with the battery rack and a Seismic Certificate of Conformance is supplied. This radical shift in the way racks are selected resulted in significant cost savings without compromise to safety or quality.

ACRAN has constantly been innovating new and better designs for an integrated spill containment system for battery rooms. These innovations over the years have resulted in ACRAN offering complete solutions for all your battery room environmental requirements from one coordinated source. ACRAN Spill Containment Systems are unmatched within the industry, in both price and performance.

ACRAN can help bring your battery room into compliance with building codes and federal regulations, being the system of choice among Fortune 1000 Companies, Telecommunication Companies and Utility providers across North America.

Please contact ACRAN Spill Containment, Inc. with your requirements and let us, the “ACRAN TEAM”, show you how we are dedicated to making your battery room safer and more reliable while bringing you into compliance with building codes and federal regulations.